Our Values

Health & Safety

We have a duty of care towards our employees and subcontractors. We ensure the places we work in are safe and secure environments. We identify potential dangers and put practices in place to prevent potential injuries, via changing the lay of the land and by providing protective equipment and clothing

Health & Safety

Research is always undertaken before any project begins. We recognise the tasks at hand and the best way to achieve and execute them. Through an experienced team and a vast amount of partnerships in the industry, we are able to efficiently and effectively take an idea of a client and turn it into a reality


Sustainability Pacific source all of the products we use on our sites from sustainable suppliers only. We make sure all of our materials are sustainably and environmentally sourced, and that our suppliers have an ISO accreditation or equal standard. We recycle, reuse or recover all of our waste, if any is produced. We also use ‘bre SMARTWASTE’ for clients


We are constantly challenging the way we work by instilling a culture of innovation and knowledge sharing. We attack complacency and seek to continuously improve. Pacific are always looking for the latest methods and tactics for construction innovation, so we can make our sites safer and more sustainable for the future