Site Hoarding

Hoarding is a temporary structure of solid construction, erected around the perimeter of construction sites to shield them from view and prevent unauthorised access. It is an important component in ensuring health and safety, for site workers, visitors and the general public and can also be part of a site security system to prevent theft or vandalism.

Pacific can quickly and efficiently supply and install both timber hoardings and steel hoardings.  By using Procter Fencing Systems for site hoarding, the contractor removes the risk of comeback on them from the client, plus we are able to survey the site, source the hoarding, then install it much quicker than the contractor normally could.

We offer a range of construction site hoarding and building site hoarding solutions, including solutions for flat facing and profiled hoarding panels (available in both metal and PVC). We are able to build and install hoardings based around your requirements.

Our offerings include:

  • Blockade™; 2m and 2.4m hoarding (flat faced PVC or profiled steel)
  • Fortress™; 2.4m hoarding (premium steel)
  • Safe-Hoard™; 2.4m hoarding (no-dig, 100% reusable and eco-friendly)
  • Secure Hoard™; 2.4m hoarding (Network Rail approved hoarding system)
  • Recyclo Hoard™; (100% PVC sustainable site hoarding).
  • Free Standing Hoarding: Free-standing hoarding can be constructed using concrete-filled ballast boxes to remove the need to dig into the ground.
  • Traditional wire fences: We can install specialised tree protection fencing on even the most demanding sites. Our fencing stock is designed to be sturdy but also quick to deploy and remove saving you valuable time and money.

We also offer a range of accessibility options for both pedestrians and vehicles from hatches and windows to full sized steel gates and doors.